Eye & Face Protection

Eye & Face Protection

We offer a wide variety of products from world leaders in eye and face protection as well as products that will help to keep the products in good condition. The below guide will help you to choose the right eye and face protection products.  

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Safety spectacles 3M™ 2742, amber

Safety prescription spectacles UVEX 5103 (monofocal lenses)

Safety goggle MARTCARE

Insulated safety helmet with face shield CATU MO-185

3M™ face seal wipes 2pcs/pkg 105

Spectacles microfibre bag BOLLE ETUIFS

Safety spectacles 3M™ 2721 Classic Line, dark lens

Safety goggle UVEX CARBONVISION 9307

Helmet mounted V-Gard® helmet frame c/w debris control

Lens cleaning tissue PULSAFE CLEAR (500 pcs/box)

Spectacle neck cord BOLLE, black

Safety spectacles 3M™ 2720 Classic Line, clear lens

Safety faceshield UVEX 9301.317 (for goggle UVEX ULTRAVISION 9301)

Helmet mounted standard V-Gard® helmet frame

Lens cleaning solution PULSAFE CLEAR (500 ml)

Spectacles case UVEX 9954.600

Safety spectacles UVEX SUPER G 9172

Safety goggle UVEX ULTRAVISION 9301

General purpose polycarbonate visor V-Gard® (20 cm x 43 cm x 1.0 mm), clear

Lens cleaning station PULSAFE CLEAR