Respiratory Protection

Respiratory Protection

It should be taken into account that respiratory protection is falling into category III (protection against mortal danger) according to Personal Protective Equipment Directive 89/686/EEC. Very careful risk assessment should be made prior to selecting the right type of respiratory protection.
Attention should be given to the following main aspects:
OEL - Occupational Exposure Limit (is an upper limit on the acceptable concentration of a hazardous substance in workplace air for a particular material or class of materials)
TWA - 8 hours Time Weighted Average (it is used as the average exposure to a contaminant to which workers may be exposed without adverse effect over a period, such as in an 8-hour day or 40-hour week (an average work shift). They are usually expressed in units of ppm (volume/volume) or mg/m3) STEL - Short-Term Exposure Limit (is a limit value above which exposure to a substance should not occur and usually relates to a 15 minute reference period The aim of a STEL is to prevent adverse health effects and other unwanted effects due to peak exposure that may not be controlled by the application of an 8 hour TWA limit)
After air monitoring the Measured Exposure Level should be compared to Occupational Exposure Limit. Measured exposure level should be divided by OEL to get a Respiratory Hazard Level.
Based on calculations and situation appropriate Respirator with greater APF (Assigned Protection Factor) should be selected.  

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Dust/mist/fumes respirator UVEX Silv-air classic 3100 FFP1

Half face respirator 3M 6200

Filter 6057 ABE1 (for 3M 6000 series respirators)

Respiratorun üzə uyğunluğunu yoxlayan dəst 3M™ Bitter FT-30, 1 dəst/qutu

Dust/mist/fumes valved respirator UVEX Silv-air classic 3210 FFP2

Full face respirator 3M 6800

Filter 6059 ABEK1 (for 3M 6000 series respirators)

3M™ sensitivity solution Bitter FT-31, 55ml

Dust/Mist respirator 3M 8710E FFP1

Half face respirator 3M 4251 FFA1P2D

Particulate Filter 3M 2125 P2

3M™ fit test solution Bitter FT-32, 55ml

Dust/Mist valved respirator 3M 8812 FFP1

Half face respirator 3M 4255 FFA2P3D

Particulate Filter 3M 2135 P3

Dust/Mist valved Respirator 3M 8822 FFP2

Half face respirator 3M 4277 FFABE1P3

Particulate Filter 3M 2138 P3 SL

Dust/Mist/Metal fume valved Respirator 3M 8825 FFP2D

Half face respirator 3M 4279 FFABEK1P3