Ear Protection

Ear Protection

Ear protection is required in all places where there are noise exposure levels equal or higher than 85 dB. The sound level can be monitored by using noise measuring equipment. We offer a wide variety of products from world leaders in ear protection. The below guide will help you to choose the right ear protection.  

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Ear muff 3M™ PELTOR H510A-401-GU OPTIME I

Earplugs 3M™ 1100

Earplug dispenser Leight® Source 400 (with 2 x 200 prs refill of BILSOM 303S)

Ear muff 3M™ PELTOR H510B-403-GU OPTIME I

Corded earplugs 3M™ 1110

Earplug dispenser 3M™ One Touch™ Pro 391-0000 (with earplugs 3M 1100 refill bottle, 500 prs pack x 2)

Ear muff 3M™ PELTOR H510P3E-405-GU OPTIME I

Banded earplugs 3M™ 1310

Ear muff 3M™ PELTOR H520P3E-410-GQ OPTIME II

Earplugs 3M™ E.A.R. CLASSIC

Ear muff 3M™ PELTOR H540P3E-413-SV OPTIME III

Corded earplugs 3M™ E.A.R. PUSH INS

Ear muff 3M™ PELTOR H540A-411-SV OPTIME III

Earplugs 3M™ 1100 refill bottle, 500 prs (3M™ One Touch™ dispenser unit)

Ear muff 3M™ PELTOR H540B-412-SV OPTIME III

Earplugs Howard Leight® Laser Lite refill bag, 500 prs pack

Two-way communication headset 3M™ PELTOR MT53H7A440B LITE-COM III (PMR 446 MHz)

Earplugs Howard Leight® BILSOM 303L refill bag, 200 prs pack

Ear muff JSP J MUFF

Corded earplugs Howard Leight® MAX