Safety & Non Safety Footwear

Safety & Non Safety Footwear

Safety footwear must be worn in all areas where hazards for feet are present. Employees encounter different kinds of hazards every day such as slippery surfaces, the risk of heavy objects falling, impact of harmful substances etc.
Depending on the type of hazard to ensure the safety of employees various types of safety footwear may be required. We offer you high quality safety boots, safety shoes, wellington boots etc. meeting international standards. These products will ensure yours and your employee’s safety. The following guide will assist you in selecting the proper safety footwear.  

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Safety boots DICKIES ANDOVER S3 SRC, black

Safety women shoes AIMONT TURCHESE SA S3 SRC, black

Safety rigger boots BEESWIFT EURORIG CI S5 SRC, tan

Safety wellington boots DUNLOP ACIFORT A442031 SRA S5


Insulating dielectric boots CATU MV-137 (20 000V)

Safety boots HUMMER H02AA S3 SRC, black


Safety rigger boots AIMONT ODER S3 SRC, brown

Safety wellington boots CHIMIE SA S5 HRO SRC (chemical resistant), green

Thermal socks DICKIES, one size 6-11

Insulating boots CATU MV-135 (12000 V)

Safety boots AIMONT KNUT S3 CI SRC, black

Safety shoes SECOR® BEAT S3 SRC

Safety rigger boots SECOR® MENTOR S3 SRC, tan

Safety metatarsal wellington boots PRIMO 800

Snakeprotex™ Extreme snake protective gaiters, one size

Military boots LOWA Innox GTX®

Safety shoes SECOR® OPEN S1P SRC, black

Safety rigger boots SECOR® BULL S3 HRO SRC CI, brown